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B&B Pipe and Tool Co. offers a wide range of choices, enabling our customers to determine the most effective slot arrangement for them. Using state-of the art 16 spindle slotting machines, our highly skilled technicians cut precision slots radial to the center of the pipe. At a high production rate, slotted pipe is milled under close tolerances, resulting in clean openings and consistent slot width throughout the entire pipe. Therefore, no excess metal is removed which preserves maximum pipe strength. Slots can be furnished 1 1/2" to 3" long for pipe of any length with either standard threads and couplings or flush joint threads

Before slotted pipe is delivered to our customers, all threads and couplings are thoroughly cleaned and lubricated, and the pipe interior is free of burrs or loose metal chips.

Type of Slots Available:  

Keystone Slots:

  • Slots are milled wider on pipe interior and are self cleaning to help prevent clogging. A 6° included-angle slot is standard. Slots are available in widths .030" to .125" in pipe sizes, 4.500" to 10.750" OD.

Straight Slots:

  • Slots furnished inline or staggered in pipe sizes from 1.900" to 20" OD with gauge openings from .012" to .500". Slots are of equal width throughout the pipe.
Slot Patterns Available:  
Straight Vertical Slotted Pipe
  • Slots cut radial to center which causes the incoming fluid to flow directly to the center eliminating the possibility of any swirling action inside the pipe. Slots furnished in sizes from 1.900" to 20" OD with gauge openings from .012" to .500".

Staggered Vertical Slotted Pipe

Multiple Vertical Staggered Slotted Pipe
  • Slots increase the inlet openings from one to four additional parallel vertical slots. This type of slotted pipe is available in sizes ranging from 2 3/8" through 20" OD.

API Threads with couplings are extra strong for deep and high-deviated wells. Where tensile and axial loads on casing are high, such as that encountered in deep high-angle holes, extra joint strength is needed. Our Landis threading machines produce this extra strength with API Threads either short, long or buttress.
Buttress threads offer extra strength since the horizontal effect of tensile load is less than friction load, thus minimizing the risk of jump-out and the resulting joint failure.  
Couplings are long enough to fully engage runout threads, thus providing joint strength virtually equal to original pipe strength.  
B&B furnishes API tubing and casing couplings.
Ventura/Security flush joint threads are still an effective connection for oilfield liners! Flush joints, a standard of the drilling industry, continue to serve the purpose for which they were designed: A strong connection between pipe sections, flush inside and out, without couplings! The thread profile is a modified buttress type.

The reverse bevel of the outer (Primary) shoulder tends to prevent the box from spreading during joint make-up while providing an outer fluid pressure seal.




The Ventura/Security Thread utilized in flush joints can withstand all the destructive forces imposed on well liners downhole. In addition they provide additional advantages:
  • High resistance to damage in stabbing
  • Minimimum revolutions required to make-up and shoulder the joint

Available Sizes: Up to 8 5/8" OD Casing

Traditionally gravel packed slotted liners have provided strong, rugged screens that allow oil and formation fluids to enter the well bores. In some reservoirs, however, it has been necessary to use finer gravels. As a result wire wrap screens have been developed to provide .008" to .020" openings to control this incursion problem. To maintain maximum strength in the well bore, these screens are normally installed on slotted base pipe.
B&B Pipe and Tool Co. offers the only grit blasting facility capable of grit blasting tubing and casing from 2 3/8" OD through 13 3/8 OD in California's San Joaquin Valley.

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